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Best Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin


Dry skin is an ongoing challenge which has you feeling uncomfortable and with a lack of confidence and may even lead you to looking prematurely aged. For anyone with dry skin, finding the holy grail moisturizer is of utmost importance. Below is a complete guide to the best moisturizers for dry skin, including details on each and how to decide which one works best for you. We will also go through and answer some of the most common questions that you might have to help you make the best decision. 

Best Face Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Why Moisturizers Are Crucial For Dry Skin 

Moisturizers are important to overall skin health. They do this by locking hydration into the skin making a barrier that cannot evaporate moisture from the skin and protects against external irritants. Advantages of using moisturizer for dry skin are here:

Hydration: Moisturizers are vital for keeping the skin moist, smooth, and hydrated. 

Barrier function: They reinforce the protective mantle of the skin, reduce moisture loss and protect from external aggressions.

Soothing Impact: Most creams have gentle substances that relax the burn and take away the red. 

Anti-Aging: When your skin is well-hydrated, it wrinkles, so using a new Moisturizers is an essential part of an anti-aging regimen. 

Picking the Right Moisturizer for Dry Skin 

There are various factors that you need to consider when choosing a moisturizer for dry skin including, skin type; any specific concern and type of ingredients that the product is rich in. To help you to select the best moisturizer for dry skin, below are few tips for doing so. 

1. Identify Your Skin Type 

Know what kind of skin type you have first then choose moisturizer. The key is to choose a product that is designed for dry skin, in order to be able to target these problems successfully. 

2. Search For Moisturizing Ingredients 

If you are on the search for a moisturizer, seek the key ingredients that are known to hydrate. For Dry Skin Best Ingredients include; 

Glycerol: A powerful humectant to hold moisture in the skin. 

Glycerin: another effective humectant that is excellent at drawing moisture into the skin. 

Ceramides: these helps reinstate your skin barrier, therefore keeping the moisture in your skin. 

Moisturizing Oils: Ingredients like jojoba oils, argan oil, shea butter; moisturize and nourish your beard properly. 

Aloe Vera: It has calm-inducing and hydrating properties. 

3. Consider the Texture 

The consistency of the moisturizer also matters. In general, creams and ointments are more hydrating than lotions and are best for very dry skin. While a thick lotion or gel-cream is great for those with dry skin, you might prefer the texture of something lighter, that's still rich and hydrating. 

4. Avoid Harsh Ingredients 

In the case of dry skin, products that contain alcohol, fragrances and harsh ingredients that will deteriorate or irritate the skin even more should be avoided. Choose mild, fragrance-free formulas 

Top Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Crave Moisturizing Cream 

Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, ceramides 

Pros: improves skin hydration, replenishes the skin barrier 

Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream 

Main Ingredients: Hydrating Serum, Urea, ceramides, natural moisturizing factors 

Pros: Hydrating, Exfoliates flakey skin 

La Roche-PosayLipikar Balm AP+ 

Main Ingredients: Shea butter, niacinamide 

Pros: Calms and moisturizes extra dry skin, safe for sensitive skin

 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream 

Main Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid 

Pro: It's Lightweight, Non-Greasy, Heavy Hydration 

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 

Main Ingredients: Colloidal Oatmeal, Glycerin 

Pros: Can be used in dry skin, clinically proven to enhance the skin's moisture-binding capacity 

          Dry Skin Moisturizers FAQs 

Q: How often should I use this moisturizer? 

A: The most common answer is that you should be using moisturizer twice a day, in the morning and at night. You can use more often if you have very dry skin or to apply following a face wash. 

Q. Can I use the same moisturizer for the face and body?

 A: While there is nothing wrong with using the same moisturizer to moisturize your face and body, a facial moisturizer may be a good choice to provide direct care to facial skin that tends to be fine and may have different needs to the skin on your body.

 Q: Are natural oils safe to use on dry skin?

A: Used responsibly, these natural oils like jojoba, argan and coconut oils are great for the skin if and when it is dry. This line is geared towards providing intense moisture as well as sealing that moisture in.

 Q: What Was Your Biggest Mistake with Trying to Treat Extremely Dry Skin? 

A. Use of alcohol-based moisturizers. Stay away from moisturizers that have alcohol, fragrances and other harsh stuff that will make your skin dry. Instead, choose mild, scentless formulas 


Having a good moisturizer targeted to dry skin can be a game changer for the health and look of your skin. Finding the right moisturizer for your needs helps to ensure a glowing skin complexion. Correctly identifying your skin type, seeking hydrating ingredients, and using the right texture will match the right type of moisturizer to your corresponding skin type. Always make sure you apply your moisturizer as often as you can and avoid using irritating ingredients in order to keep your skin indirectly hydrated and shielded. Your skin should stay soft every day of the year with a little bit care. 


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